Born and raised in San Diego, Gabriel Nash defines his view of the world through color and art. He pays the bills as a commercial artist, designer, illustrator with many companies and clients.

Nash’s creative drive started at a very young age in San Diego. During the summer breaks, he would tag along with his dad, a commercial artist sign painter himself. Gabriel learned at a very young age how to handle a paintbrush, hand lettering, and layout. He also learned how to make a workable canvas out of almost any surface. With a vivid imagination, he could and would draw anything that caught his attention.

As a young man in the summer, Nash found himself working in a screen-print shop in San Diego. Asked where he sees himself in a few years, he stated in the art department, of course. The manager laughed, stating he had a lot of work ahead of him to do that.

With that said, this manager lit a fire under Nash. That led him to learn every aspect of screen printing, making him an effective apparel artist. “Building graphics has given me an appreciation for building up depth and space through stacking layers. That reminds me of old Hanna Barbera cartoon cells and cell shading.”

Thousands of t-shirt graphics, and years later, Nash is striking out as a creative artist/designer/illustrator. Painting when he has time and getting outside, he is inspired by fishing trips and living.