Gabriel Nash

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Drives brand identities and strategic growth by merging data-driven insights and innovative design into compelling visual narratives.


Creative Direction & Execution | Brand Development | Strategic Storytelling | Brand Messaging | Innovation & Trend Analysis

  • Data-Driven Creative Strategy: Ensured creative and brand success by developing creative strategies aligned with brand objectives and establishing key metrics; monitored and adapted strategies based on data-driven insights for enhanced outcomes.
  • Budget Management: Enhanced ROI by adeptly managing and allocating the creative budget for all projects and campaigns; ensured cost-efficiency through comprehensive vendor analysis and fortified partnerships, fostering alignment and co-creation.
  • Design Innovation: Pioneered innovative design and storytelling by staying abreast of industry trends and integrating the latest industry tools and technologies; introduced animated GIFs and logos for social media among other trending design strategies.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Successfully mitigated project risks through transparent communication with stakeholders about potential budget overruns, product quality, and uncontrollable factors; ensured timely identification and mitigation of issues.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing Material Development

Brand Awareness & Engagement

Industry & Competitor Research

Product & Digital Design

Copy Writing; Event Marketing

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Data Analytics & Visualization

E-commerce Automation

Professional Experience

Sr. Graphic Designer, Marketing Specialist (Creative Director Duties), Fish Hippie Co.                                                                      11/2021 – Present

Led the design and execution of impactful digital creatives, directing digital and merchandise design strategies, across websites, social media, and email campaigns, ensuring brand consistency and engagement. Led A/B testing and leveraged data analytics to refine and optimize visual elements for improved conversion rates. Collaborated with cross-functional departments during daily huddles and via communication tools to ensure alignment and timely delivery of creative assets, rolling out innovative digital campaigns. Regularly analyzed user behavior and website performance, offering insights to the development team for enhanced user experience.


Brand Strategy & Customer Engagement

  • Elevated brand image and ensured uniformity across all platforms by architecting and enforcing rigorous brand guidelines, resulting in a stronger, more cohesive brand presence and increased recognition. 
  • Improved email open rates from 10% to 52% and amplified associated revenue significantly by revamping email campaigns and integrating tailored incentives, leveraging strategic design expertise to enhance customer engagement.
  • Drove customer engagement and cost reduction by consolidating multiple platforms into Clavio, enhancing customer analytics and segmentation capabilities; revamped email and SMS strategies, ensuring streamlined and cost-effective operations. 


Team Leadership & Project Management

  • Optimized project delivery through the integration of Asana for project management, ensuring timely, within-scope, and quality-compliant project completion; enhanced team collaboration and project visibility. 
  • Secured project timelines and bolstered inter-departmental coordination by establishing high-level calendar settings and initiating daily huddles, ensuring swift addressing of departmental needs and concerns. 
  • Amplified team performance and innovation by leading and mentoring creative talent; fostered collaboration and embraced a constructive feedback loop for continuous growth and refinement.


Operational Efficiency and User Experience

  • Reduced production setup time by over 80% by developing comprehensive design spec sheets for a streamlined screen printing process, ensuring clarity in production requirements and drastically cutting down approval times as well as costs. 
  • Boosted website scroll rate from 15% to 58% via thorough research and audits to identify areas of improvement; optimized imagery, page layout, font, and size based on insights from Microsoft Clarity, enhancing user engagement and experience.
  • Increased online visibility and organic search rankings by introducing SEO and collaborating with specialists, leading to a marked increase in customer engagement and website traffic.

Independent Creative Director, Marketing and Creative Services Consulting                                                                                  02/2015 – Present

Orchestrated the strategic development and refinement of creative projects, from initial brainstorming to finalized, audience-tailored designs; consistently bridged the gap between abstract ideas and concrete visual representations while injecting fresh, innovative approaches in line with industry benchmarks. Ensured on-time and on-brand delivery, meticulously adhering to project timelines and brand guidelines while offering multiple renderings to guarantee client satisfaction and impactful audience engagement. Ascertained brand integrity through brand compliance and enhancing brand directives where needed.

  • Converted abstract client briefs into tangible product designs by leveraging extensive design expertise, ensuring alignment with market demand while preserving core brand values and brand message. 
  • Optimized project timelines by strategically defining objectives, clarifying directives, and adhering to brand guidelines, resulting in timely project deliveries and minimized manufacturing delays; reduced production times by crafting comprehensive tech packs.
  • Boosted brand engagement for Mainstage by innovating location-specific packaging; leveraged visual symbolism and enhanced user experience with hidden messaging while preserving brand identity across diverse color palettes and regional themes.
  • Drove branding evolution for Destination, a surf bag manufacturer by designing comprehensive catalogs and elevating their social media presence, leading to heightened brand visibility and engagement.
  • Transformed Reef’s product aesthetics by leading the creation and launch of enduring sandal pattern designs and board short graphics from minimal briefs, consistently meeting the evolving demands and vision, leading to continued collaborations. 
  • Spearheaded the creative direction and design for a historical exhibit at Hotel Del Coronado, balancing vintage aesthetics with modern design, while effectively managing vendor negotiations, print quality, and fundraising objectives.

Art Director, Fleisher Products & Signs/GMC Gateway Marketing Concepts                                                                                 01/2018 – 04/2020

Led a diverse team of 6 creative professionals, managing end-to-end creative operations from concept to manufacturing. Spearheaded communication with clients to understand their vision and guidelines, ensuring projects align with brand identities. Oversaw the implementation of a real-time monitoring system, guaranteeing projects adhered to timelines, scope, and budget, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Fostered a cooperative, communicative team environment, enabling seamless project transitions, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality, timely, and innovative creative projects.

  • Secured key design contracts, such as Cox Communications and Souplantation, by developing and presenting visual design prototypes to key decision-makers.
  • Led the intricate rebranding of Souplantation’s interior, meticulously designing point-of-sale materials, salad bar placards, and decorative elements, ensuring durability for high-traffic areas and elevating the overall customer experience.

Sr. Graphic Designer, Teamwork Athletic Apparel                                                                                                                                   11/2011 – 11/2017

Led the creative vision and strategy for 4 distinct product lines, ensuring designs met client specifications. Pioneered the integration of an automated design system, balancing automation with hands-on artistic direction to guarantee design integrity. Curated a comprehensive graphic library, setting the creative standard and providing a foundational resource for all designers and stakeholders. Directed a multidisciplinary team, emphasizing a cohesive and high-quality design language across all stages of production. Led the conception and development of a cost-effective sports uniform design and printing process, generating $3.2M in 18 months.

  • Secured licensing agreements with industry giants, such as Mattel, Hot Wheels, Hello Kitty, Virgin Atlantic, and League of Legends, by creating compelling design prototypes that resonated with key decision-makers.


Earlier Roles: Sr. Graphic Designer, Impact Racing; Art Director, Endless Signs & Graphics; Sr. Graphic Designer, VF Corp & Reebok

Professional Development

Certification in Digital Marketing/E-commerce, San Diego State University (SDSU), San Diego, CA


Bachelor of Arts in Marketing/Advertising Arts, La Jolla Academy of Advertising Arts

Technical Skills: Adobe Creative Suites, CorelDRAW, CSS, HTML, Content Management Systems (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Google Analytics, A/B Testing, Meta/Google Ads, Asana, Klavio, Microsoft Clarity, Mail Chimp, Print Production, etc.

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